How it Started

How it all started

 How it started

My name is Faith, I founded The Quirky Orange 4 years ago and it's been a fantastic journey so far - alongside the corporate and charitable work I've been involved with at a senior level over the last 10 years, in August 2019 the support consultancy went live full time, with a great support team of industry professionals working across the sector from fundraising to design for charities, businesses, council teams and many others in between. I started this as a project to provide voluntary support in 2015 (of which we've provided nearly 5000 hours of it), then as demand grew we went on to offer contract support.

Leading charitable and community organisations myself for many years from Operations Director to CEO, I've experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of the corporate and charitable world - so I wanted to help give back some of the knowledge gained in this time, alongside other industry professionals - to help you do more with your time, skills and knowledge.

Also, alongside the experience gained over the last decade, I absolutely love WordPress and good design, the doors it can open and opportunities it can give you are endless - I want to help others unlock these skills for themselves.

I know that time is valuable - make the most of yours, thank you for visiting!   Faith S


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